JSR107 enters Early Draft Review after nearly 12 years

On 23 October 2012 the JCP posted the Early Draft specification and API for JSR107. See http://jcp.org/en/jsr/detail?id=107. This is almost 12 years since the JSR kicked off. Note that this material was uploaded to the JCP in February this year but was delayed while the legal complications of having two companies as shared spec leads got sorted out. That is now done and will not be an issue going forward in the process.
We will now be working intensively to drive this to completion in its own right and for inclusion in Java ## 7. We expect to be final in early 2013.
We need your review
In the meantime the early draft review period is open until 22 November. Please visit the home of the project at https://github.com/jsr107 and send your comments to jsr107@googlegroups.com or create issues at https://github.com/jsr107/jsr107spec/issues. For a quick into see  https://github.com/jsr107/jsr107spec.
We have also just added a few new artifacts up on GitHub:
– A very simple demo which can be used when giving talks. https://github.com/jsr107/demo
– ehcache-jcache – an implementation of the 0.5 specification that works with the latest version of ehcache. https://github.com/jsr107/ehcache-jcache
Remaining JCP 2.7 Process Steps
The review period ends 22 November. Once we have a public draft, we will submit that for 30 days’ review. A EC ballot will be held in the last week of the public draft period before we move on to complete the RI and TCK and seek final approval.
Java EE 7 Deadline
We have sought clarification from the EE JSR on their deadline. It is fast approaching. We therefore intend to go hard.

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