My Sessions at JavaOne

I will be speaking at JavaOne 2011. My sessions are:

24241 – The Essence of Caching, Parc 55 – Divisidero at 10:30am Tuesday 4 October

This presentation distills what the speaker has learned from 10 years of scaling Java. It starts with a performance problem and leads you through solving it with caching, discovering the problems of distributed caching and their solution along the way. It will equip you with the tools to analyze a performance situation and see whether a cache will help and what type of cache to apply.

Topics include
• The nature of system load
• Desirable properties of scalable systems
• Caching as a solution for offload, scale-out, and performance
• Why caching works
• Tiered cache design
• SOR coherency problem and solutions
• N * problem and solutiond
• Cache cluster topologies
• CAP and PACELC constraints
• Resulting design trade-offs

24223 – The New JSR 107 Caching Standard, Imperial Ballroom A , Hilton San Francisco at 1:30 pm Tuesday 4 October

In this session, the two spec leads for JSR 107 walk you through this important new caching standard, which will form part of Java EE 7.

You will learn how to
• Abstract your caching implementation, much as with JDBC
• Use the rich and modern API
• Use the new caching annotations
• Use the API before Java EE 7 is released within the Java SE, Java EE 6, and Spring environments
• Apply JCache to common caching scenarios


Come along and feel free to ask me any questions after my sessions.