Terracotta acquired by Software AG

As you probably have heard, Terracotta has been acquired by Software AG. This is an exciting development for both companies. Ari Zilka, CTO of Terracotta has a comprehensive blog post detailing the acquisition and its implications.

For me, it means I keep working for Terracotta, but now Terracotta is a wholly owned business unit within Software AG.

Ehcache will remain available in its current two editions: open source under the Apache 2 license and commercial with value-add features. And of course it will get even more investment as part of the larger organization.

I joined Terracotta 21 months ago. It has been an amazing ride so far for me and for Ehcache. I am looking forward to the next chapter. Right now my area of focus is on standardizing Java caching by leading the specification of JSR107. Once that is done we will implement the specification in Ehcache.

JSR107 JCache Update 9 May 2011

For those not involved in the expert group or following on the Google Group (jsr107@googlegroups.com), here is an update.
As usual the actual specification in all of it’s evolving glory can also be viewed at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1YZ-lrH6nW871Vd9Z34Og_EqbX_kxxJi55UrSn4yL2Ak/edit?hl=en . Some people find working on and editing a spec in plain view “appalling” but I like it. It is like a nightly build in open source.
And the API and code is on GitHub: https://github.com/jsr107/jsr107spec


We have been workshopping through the spec. Everyone on both the Google or EG mailing lists was invited. Physically or on the calls Friday and today have been EG and non-EG members:

Greg Luck (Ehcache and Terracotta)
Yannis Cosmadopolous (Oracle)
Christa (Oracle)
Ben Cotton
David Mossakowski (Citibank)
Richard Hightower
Ludovic Orban (Terracotta and Bitronix)

Specification Sections for Review

We have made a lot of progress. The spec is now 51 pages long.
Two of the most difficult areas have been mostly done. They are:
  • Chapter 5 – JTA. This is ready for review.
  • Chapter 8 – Annotations. This is complete but needs reformatting and TODOs done. It and the associated spec interfaces should be ready for review on Monday.

Significant Developments

There are also two significant developments:
1. Two versions with different API Packaging.
So that caching can easily be done in SE, we are considering having a jcache-api.jar which includes mandatory parts of the spec and a jcache-api-ee.jar which will include both mandatory and optional APIs. The latter takes up annotations and JTA. These can still be included in non-EE apps like Spring or SE but there will be significant dependencies that those environments would need to add.
2. Map vs Map-like
No one involved in the workshops likes Map. We are enumerating the reasons and proposing a new map-like Cache interface. That is being documented in the next few days. Add comments to the spec doc if you have them.

Next Meeting

The easiest way for you to get involved is at the next meeting which is 10am Pacific Standard time this Thursday.
Some topics for the next meeting:
  1. Reviewing comments added to the Google Doc
  2. Classloading
  3. Configuration
  4. Lifecycle