Holy Moly, Batman. Apple upgraded my Maven

I ran a Maven build this morning and it broke. Strange, as I had not changed anything. Maven’s ability to simply break because of a change to a non-versioned dependency or even more arcane, a versioned dependency with a non-versioned dependency of it’s own (a transitive dependency) is legendary.  So I thought that was the trouble. On my other machine I ran a build and the Maven output “looked” different. Stranger still. So I did a mvn version on both.

Whoa! My Big Mac was 2.11 and my MacBook Pro was 3.0.2.

It came down in the “Java for Mac  OS X  10.6 Update 4” which was released on 10 March.

Now a lot of folks are not ready to move to 3. For myself firstly I don’t need the grief until it is rock solid. Secondly, I use the site plugin and reporting extensively and this is all getting a big makeover in 3 which is not yet done.

There are lots of ways to go back to your old version.

My was is to add the old version into the front of my PATH in .bash_profile:


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