Running Ehcache and Terracotta from Ant

A few weeks ago I blogged about the fantastic tc-maven plugin which works just as well as the Jetty plugin and makes life easy for Maven-based developers. My surveys from talks I do suggest that the mix of Maven and Ant based builds is 40-60% Maven. Three years ago it was about 10% Maven. Interestingly in Philadelphia the maven usage was 40% versus 60% in San Francisco. But many Ant people have tried Maven and had a less than stellar experience. My own experience was that Maven was as painful as EJB ever was. But it has been getting better over time.

The forthcoming release of Ehcache bundles the Terracotta server and I am very interested in making this as easy as possible for developers. The 2.1-beta kit has instructions for using the tc-maven plugin. The upcoming 2.1 final will also support Ant. Fortunately Ant and Maven interoperate and we will support Ant via the Maven Ant Tasks library.


Install Maven

Download and install Maven which is just expanding the download somewhere on your file system. Version 2.2.1 or higher is required.

Installing Maven Ant Tasks

There are a couple of choices documented at the Maven site. For simplicity, download the Maven Tasks for Ant 2.1.0 and copy the jar into your $ANT_HOME/lib directory.

Create a pom.xml

Maven requires a pom.xml which is placed in the same directory as build.xml. Use this sample which has all you need:

Additions to build.xml

Add these to build.xml:

Ensure you change your maven.home property value to where you installed Maven.


Starting Terracotta Server

The Terracotta server will be running on its default port of 9510.

Stopping Terracotta Server

More Information

The Terracotta plugin is documented on the Forge.

I am interested in people’s experiences using this. Ping me at gluck AT or post questions to the Ehcache Forum.

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