Sign up for a Webcast I am giving 3 February: Boost application performance and monitoring with Terracotta Ehcache

I am giving a webcast next week. There is lots going on with Ehcache right now with new features. We have some impressive numbers to show off too.

In this webcast learn how to use Terracotta Ehcache to get dramatically boost application performance. Terracotta Ehcache provides a high performance Hibernate second level cache that boosts application performance as much as 10x.

Understanding performance behavior specific to your application can be a challenging task. Every application workload is unique. To provide reliable metrics for comparison, Terracotta Ehcache has benchmarked the Spring PetClinic reference application against competitive solutions such as Memcached, Commercial IMDG, My SQL and a leading In Memory Data Grid including the impressive performance increases from the latest Terracotta 3.2 Server Array.

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How to contribute to Ehcache

The ehcache community is large and very active. People come up with great ideas to solve problems they come up against and often contribute patches to ehcache. The Ehcache project has always encouraged contribution of patches.

If you are submitting a patch, please complete a Contributor Agreement. This ensures that we can accept the patch and make it available under our Apache 2 open source license. You can grab the agreement form and instructions on where to send it once completed from the Community Wiki Contributor Page:

Finally if you have submitted a patch which has not yet been applied, we may be waiting for you to complete an agreement.

Once you have signed up, we will add you to public contributors list.

11 January 2010: ehcache-1.8, ehcache-core-1.7.2 and ehcache-terracotta-1.8

This is a final GA release of ehcache comprising ehcache, ehcache-core and ehcache-terracotta modules.

This release contains some bug fixes to ehcache-core, but the notable change is the upgrade of the ehcache-terracotta module to support Terracotta 3.2. Terracotta 3.2 is dramatically faster than 3.1. See the changelog for complete details of ehcache-core changes.

Note: If you experience different caching ergonomics you can enable the LinkedHashMap based engine with java -Dnet.sf.ehcache.use.classic.lru=true. This is the engine enabled up to 1.5.