Ehcache Webcast Wednesday 4 November at 11am PDT (San Francisco Time)

In this webcast, Greg Luck, the maintainer of Ehcache and CTO Ehcache at Terracotta, Inc. will show you how simple it is to scale applications using new Ehcache-1.7 clustered with Terracotta 3.1.1, both components of the Terracotta for Caching product line. Anyone using ehcache will be interested in the new possibilities offered by Ehcache+Terracotta.

He will walk through a demo application which uses standalone ehcache and show how, with a few config line changes in ehcache.xml, the Terracotta Server Array for coherent distributed caching can be plugged in.

He will then take the Terracotta Developer Console, which now supports Ehcache, for a spin and show how to visualise and profile your application in real-time. Finally, he will demonstrate how to add automatic partitioning, capacity on demand, durability and guaranteed write-behind updates.

Hundreds of thousands of deployments depend for their performance today on Ehcache, the reference implementation for JSR107, and some of the largest companies in the world rely on the enterprise scale of Terracotta. Now, you can have the best of both worlds with no code changes.

The Terracotta for Caching product line is available immediately. All three versions incorporate the Ehcache API. They include:

  1. Ehcache DX – High-performance Ehcache standalone and peer-to-peer replicated cache with enterprise support, monitoring, management and visualization;
  2. Ehcache EX – The same industry-standard high performance Ehcache running on the award-winning Terracotta Server Array for high throughput, scalable distributed cache applications with guaranteed data coherence, along with high availability, enterprise support, monitoring, management and visualization;
  3. Ehcache FX – Distributed cache infrastructure software for massive scale; it incorporates the industry-standard Ehcache API and high throughput Terracotta Server Array with data striping to partition cache data for extreme scale, and includes enterprise support, monitoring, management, and visualization.

Register here.

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