Exit Reality is in a Different Reality – Windows Only

I thought we saw the end of this nonsense years ago. But no.
Exit Reality is Windows only. If you are on a Mac, http://q.exitreality.com/relaunch.html will tell you
“Mac users are able to experience full hardware accelerated 3D by running Windows with either:
(using OpenGL) or BootCamp (using Direct3D)”
In other words, Mac users should run Windows!
Insultingly, they then go on to say on their “Platform page”
“ExitReality 3D platform has been built in open standards and complies with International Standards Organisation regulations (ISO) and W3C. It is a free 3D platform that anyone can use to set up their own virtual world on their website.
The ExitReality 3D platform has been developed for all internet users. Any web page can be viewed and interacted with in 3D, and anyone can create their own virtual world using ExitReality.”
Any platform means Windows and anyone means a Windows user. I can only say they are in a Different Reality.
I haven’t been this annoyed for years. Almost enough to lodge a False and Misleading Advertising Complaint with the ACCC.

Example RESTful Java client for Ehcache

Rick Bryant sent me some sample code he wrote which shows how to use the RESTful Cache Server from Java. Thanks Rick. To use the sample just fire up the cache server: startup.sh and then run the following Java code.