Ehcache-1.5.0-beta1 Released

I have released a new version of Ehcache, 1.5.0-beta1, which provides a host of new features and a few bug fixes. Some of the features are up to a year old, so this pretty large release is a chance to clear the decks ahead of some exciting new work coming in 1.6, such as the ehcache Cache Server.
Please dive into this version and let me know if you find any issues. I am hoping the tyres will be kicked by enough people to do a final release in 3-4 weeks’ time.
New Features
Added JGroups Implementation. Thanks to Pierre Monestie for the patch(es) for this. Though new to the core distribution JGroups replication has been in production use in a large cluster for the last year. This does not create a dependency on JGroups unless you want to use this replicator. That will be made clearer when it is moved to a separate module before final release.
CachingFilter performance improvements,
Constructs performance improvements
added loadAll() to the loader implementation to enable preload without specifying keys.
diskPersistent now can be used with caches that use only MemoryStore in normal use but want to persist to disk
DiskStores are now optional. The element is now non-mandatory. This will simplify configurations particularly where multiple CacheManagers are being used. If one or more caches requires a DiskStore, and none is configured, will be used and a warning message will be logged to encourage explicity configuration of the diskStore path.
The default RMI based cache replication can now configure a RemoteObject port so that it can be easily configured to work through firewalls. This is done by adding a new property remoteListenerPort to RMICacheManagerPeerListenerFactory to enable it to be specified.
Added a new system property expansion token “” to DiskStore configuration which can be used to specify the DiskStore directory on the command line or in an environment variable.
e.g. java …
Added the ability to specify system property tokens using $tokenname in ehcache.xml which are then replaced when the configuration is loaded.
Updated the remote debugger with enhanced reporting and better documentation (See Logging page in the documentation).
The new version prints a list of caches with replication configured, prints notifications as they happen, and periodically prints the cache name, size and total events received.
Summary of Bug Fixes
CachingFilter bug fixes for various rare edge conditions
Major speed up to shutdown process when diskPersistent is not being used
Fixed various shutdown exception when both Hibernate and Spring both try to destroy caches

cvs unknown host error

I am getting a but rusty on cvs. I went to run cvs up on a project and got “unknown host error”.
A google search did not yield anything useful.
Playing around with it, my problem was that the host was not added to ssh’s known hosts. I sshed to the host and accepted it into known hosts.
Then cvs worked fine.

Mac OS X Desktop Switching bug fixed by making Java 6 your default

As readers will know, Apple released Java 6 for 64 bit intel architectures this week.
What you may not know, is that making it your first preference in the “Java Application Runtime Settings” “Java Preference” app in Utilities, fixes a nasty app switching bug you get when using spaces.
That bug is that if you change away from a space and then change back, the Java app you had in focus has gone and it is fiddly to get back.