Open Message Queue Session at Community One

I am presenting a session on JMS and OpenMQ at Community One 2008 as follows:
Session ID: S297892
Session Title: OpenMQ
Session Abstract: This session discusses why you should consider Java? Message Service (JMS) and OpenMQ for scalable and reliable architectures. The presentation includes a use case from the No. 2 Australian e-business site.
Track: GlassFish?
Duration: 55
Speaker(s): Greg Luck
Where: Moscone South – Esplanade Room 305
(This talk was initially presented at Sun Technology Days in Sydney last month by Dave Whitla where it generated a great deal of interest.)

Glassfish Unconference – Moscone Center San Francisco 4 May 2008

I am going to the Glassfish Unconference which is being held at the Moscone Center San Francisco 4 May 2008.

I am interested in or might lead discussions on:

SPNEGO – Kerberos and Glassfish
Open Message Queue
Maven Glassfish Plugin
Ehcache and Glassfish

If you are interested in these please come along and have a chat. See