Ehcache Guide and Reference now available as a book

Ehcache Guide and Reference for the forthcoming 1.4.0 release is available as a book. The price for the high quality bound edition is USD49.95 plus shipping. The price for the downloadable print-ready version is USD37.50. The book has 154 pages and covers the following:
– Preface
– Introduction
– Getting Started
– Dependencies
– Cache Concepts
– Cache Configuration
– Storage Options
– Cache Eviction Algorithms
– Code Samples
– Class loading and Class Loaders
– Performance Considerations
– Garbage Collection
– Cache Decorators
– Java EE Servlet Caching
– Distributed Caching
– Distributed Design
– Shutting Down Ehcache
– Logging & Debugging
– JMX Management & Monitoring
– CacheManager Event Listeners
– Cache Event Listeners
– Cache Exception Handlers
– Cache Extensions
– Cache Loaders
– Hibernate Caching
– Constructs Design
– Using ehcache with Hibernate
– Tomcat Issues and Best Practices
– JSR107 (JCACHE) Support
– Building From Source
Many people have asked for a format for the documentation where it can be printed out as a book and even where they can get it.
Of course, full documentation in html will always remain available online at
Buy it from the Ehcache Storefront at Lulu Books.
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