Interim Governance Board for the GlassFish community.

I heard today that I am going to be on the Interim Governance Board for the GlassFish community. It might be worth mentioning some of the stuff I have been doing with Glassfish so that everyone can see the perspective I will be bringing to the board.
At work we went live with Glassfish V1 about 6 months ago. It has been a very smooth ride since then.
Since then I have worked on the SPNEGO extension for Glassfish V2. I am also working with some Sun guys on testing Hardware Security Module support in Glassfish V2. Because of these security iniatives we have reason to promptly upgrade to GFV2.
We are currently using the Catalina web container, which can be switched for Grizzly, due to a show stopper bug we found in Grizzly, which is fixed and available to those with a support contract from Sun for Glassfish. For us it is easier to change over when we upgrade to GFV2.
We have a couple of C Ruby applications deployed to Apache. We will be looking at moving those to Glassfish for easier development and deployment in our environment.
Our use of Glassfish uses most of JEE5 including lots of EJB3. We also use a ton of open source, notably Spring and webwork.
Finally, we are shortly going live on Open Message Queue, as our enterprise message queue. I have been working on porting from Active MQ to Open Message Queue. As with Glassfish, Open Message Queue is much stricter. It also rocks. We got higher performance on Open Message Queue over Active MQ, and very simple integration with our JEE apps in Glassfish.
For my own part, I tend to do open source projects that fill an infrastructure gap. The gaps I have hit and needed to write something for, have in chronological order been,, and
Other than the Glassfish Board, I am also active a co spec lead of JSR107 JCACHE, which has reawakened and is getting a lot of work done on it by Brian Goetz and Manish Surtani.
So, I think I bring three perspectives to the board: comprehensive enterprise user, open source maintainer and standards community contributor.
I encourage anyone to raise suggestions, issues or concerns with me concerning the Interim Governance Board at gluck A T