What’s happening with JSR107?

At JavaOne 2007 the JSR107 Expert Group reconstituted and conducted three sessions.

We admitted some new members. Manik Surtani from JBoss is joining. Crazy Bob Lee too.
I was already a member but bot made co-spec lead to help make sure the JSR kept moving.

We decided to conduct technical discussions in the open. For those of you who are interested
you can track these at jsr107@jsr107.dev.java.net. You can go to the project at https://jsr107.dev.java.net/ and subscribe.

It was also decided to use DocBook format for creating the specification, so that multiple EG members could work concurrently. Manik Surtani has committed the current draft spec done by Cameron in DocBook format to the jar107.dev.java.net CVS repository. You can also check out the repository and see what is going on.

We hope to get moving with this and get a spec completed in the next few months. Stay tuned.